Monday, October 21, 2013

Multimedia Project

Learning Goal

USII.2: The student will use maps, globes, photographs, pictures, or tables for locating the 50 states and the cities most significant to the historical development of the United States.

The goal of this assignment is for students learn about the geographic features and cities of the United States. Students will also be introduced to a new web-based presentation resource, and develop research, writing, and oral presentation skills in creating their projects.


Students will choose four states, each of a different geographic region, to travel to in a "roadtrip" across the United States. For each of the selected states, the student will research the following information:

  • State capital
  • Region
  • Nickname
  • Date of statehood
  • Population
  • Three attractions: historical, geographical, and recreational ("fun")

Using web-based research sites, each student will research the above information for each of their selected states. Once they have researched the necessary information, students will then create an itinerary of their roadtrip by creating a Prezi presentation. Each student will create a Prezi presentation with the above information, as well as a brief description of each attraction they choose to visit and a picture relevant to their chosen state. Using the online resource, students will then calculate the distance between the capital cities of their chosen states, and display this information on the final slide. Additionally, each student will write a brief concluding paragraph explaining what they learned from the project, paying special attention to the histories, geographic features, and populations of each respective state. Students will then present their "roadtrip" presentations to the class.  

This assignment should get students thinking about the rich geographical and historical diversity of the United States, and could be used as a fun, engaging way to wrap up a unit on US Geography for a seventh grade US History Part II class.

UDL Principle 2
This project assesses three components of learning: research, writing, and presentation. The project allows for students of varying abilities to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a particular area, but also provides opportunities for students to further develop in another project component.

Multimedia Project

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  1. Good work on this. This was one of the less jarring, easier to follow Prezi's I've seen.